You Win Some and You Lose Some

March 4, 2018

In this iteration of asset development we learned a lot about what it takes to go from a concept idea to polished inside Unity3D and Unreal Engine. So as it seems we have seen in many other agile teams the  first sprints are usually more optimistic in what can be accomplished. Many of us see things as easy to do but did not take into account life and timing. 


But before I talk about what went wrong, let me talk about what went right. 

What Went Right

We were able to use the process we defined in our first sprint to generate really nice low asset props that are great for use in games without being too expensive in your scene. Here is an example of such an asset.


 This mesh contains only 560 Triangles but with the method of baking the high poly mesh that we sculpted we can give that high detail look without sacrificing performance. This model is still usable in mobile and PC games without ruining your scene budget. 


We also learned what can be put up on the Unity and Unreal asset stores and what can not be, the level of quality and uniqueness required to make it on the store. 


So we will be releasing this rock and a bunch of other grassland props in an upcoming release pack we are calling "Grasslands" This will be available on Unity3d Asset Store, Unreal Engine Market place, and even here on this website in the near future. 


The grasslands pack is a minor part of a game kit we are working on called Mage Wars. In this kit you make your very own Tower Defense game with mage towers as the primary base and summoning defensive turrets and guardians to protect and take down your enemy towers. As we finish parts of this pack we will put the parts of the pack up on the asset stores so you can have access to these assets as soon as possible. 


We will also be showing our progress for every iteration here and soon on a separate page showing progress of the asset packs so you will always know our progress. 



Mage Wars Game Kit Progress

What Went Wrong

When it comes to development sometimes things are easy and you go through your tasks super fast other times it can be a challenge and you have figure out what you don't know. And that is Okay! We want to make these amazing assets for all of  you so it is worth it to take it slow and do the right thing to make things great for the developers out there who will be using our assets. So we were unable to hit 100% sprint completion. We will learn from it and incorporate it into our process to make us better. 


People get sick, people have vacation, unexpected things happen. In this case we all got sick in the beginning of the sprint and it took a very long time for us all to recover so we were not all at our best.  There is nothing wrong with vacation or being sick, it happens, life happens. We will just add that to our process. We will do a little less per sprint and if things are going great we will pull more in and if things go badly we are still good because we planned for the worst case scenario. 


If there is anything you want to share feel free! either tweet us at @AllocateThis or on our Facebook page 


Thank you,

- The Allocate This! Team



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