Transparency and Openness

February 2, 2018

Being Transparent and Open


Whenever we meet someone new we want to know if they are trustworthy. We want to know if they will be sticking around. We have many questions. Well, we are just as curious and cautious when it comes to businesses. Will they be around in a year? Will they continue to support the awesome device I just bought? These are all valid things to ask.


Well, this is our attempt to give you that introduction, we want to be transparent and open about what is happening here at the studio. 


We are currently running our business on the Agile process, every two weeks we will be sending a formal communication. (Like this one! ) so everyone can see the progress we are making, exciting new projects, and how soon we will be releasing a new product! 


To learn more about agile check out this fancy short website about it: 

What does that mean for AllocateThis


So what was the result of our latest iteration? Well, we took on specific goals this iteration to define our production pipeline so we can ensure there is a process done that we can use and become more efficient in. The better we get using the tools and the process the faster we can deliver awesome content for you!


Below is a snippet of our production workflow, there are many items missing such as checking topology, texture resolution, metadata info unity/unreal model import experience, and peer review of prefab/script creation.



So why are we doing this


We are working on a Game Kit, inspired from the days when we played Starcraft and endless tower defense matches. To share that same level of nostalgia and fun we are creating an asset game kit for a tower defense game. This will be a fantasy based tower defense focusing on mages battling against each other. You can use these assets for whatever you want but the option is there to make it a full tower defense game for yourself. or even use it for prototyping. we want to free developers from the scare of finding the right assets to use by having the focus back on the game creation.


The last couple of weeks was all proof of concept and trying simple meshes to more complex style meshes and seeing it this pipeline will work out. So far it has been great. Now we want to focus on all of you wonderful developers.  


In the next post, we will be showing off some of the assets we are working on, some concept art and would love to hear your feedback. 


Thank you,

- The Allocate This! Team

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Transparency and Openness

February 2, 2018

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